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Individualized for you

Walk and Talk Therapy

Research shows that the stress reducing effects of being outdoors in nature can increase your cognitive function, and help you progress more quickly.

Individual/Couples Counselling 

Individual Counselling is helpful in creating self awareness, setting healthy boundaries, discovering one's strengths and establishing healthy coping skills.

Couples Counselling clarifies interpersonal issues, improves communication, explores options and strategies to deepen the connection and intimacy in relationship.

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  • Anxiety and Depression

  • Meaning, Purpose and Spiritual/Religious Counselling

  • Identity and Self Esteem

  • Grief Recovery and Support

  • Relationship Counselling

  • Health and Wellness 

  • Abandonment Recovery

  • Addiction

  • Stress Management

  • Weight Loss

  • Disordered eating

  • Parenting

  • Women's Issues

  • Divorce



Offering counselling sessions for those that may find it difficult to travel or feel more comfortable having a therapy session in their own home via telephone, Skype, Messenger video, live chat/text or email.

In addition I offer outdoor "walk and talk" counselling for clients who prefer to take the session outdoors

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My Approach to Therapy

We all make personal choices in our lives that impact our emotional, spiritual and physical health for better or for worse. My passion is to help you find harmony and health in spirit, mind and body.  

When it comes to types of therapy, I feel it is important to choose therapeutic approaches that best address the individual needs of each client. 

The following are some of the evidence-based approaches I like to use:


 *Existential/Spiritual therapy

The aim of this therapy is to invite clients to explore their values, goals and beliefs, create self awareness, identity and significant relationships, search for meaning and take action that grows from this honest appraisal of their life's purpose.  Interventions aim to alleviate a variety of issues including addiction, depression, low self esteem, anger , excessive anxiety, post traumatic stress and purposelessness.

 *Cognitive Behavioral Therapy- (CBT ) is an action oriented therapy that  helps clients to discover what they "believe" influences how they "act" and "feel"

CBT assists in identifying irrational beliefs, dysfunctional assumptions and creates awareness of faulty automatic thoughts so they can be challenged and changed.

CBT assists in identifying inner strengths and is ideal for overcoming anxiety and depression.

* Reality therapy assist clients in prioritizing their wants and uncovering what is most important to them.

The focus is of this type of approach is to empower the client in discovering solutions to their problems, make choices that they have control over and create and commit to a plan of action.

Reality Therapy has been used effectively in dealing with addictions, eating disorders, relationship conflicts, grief and loss, anxiety and depression and low self esteem.

* Psychoanalytic therapy explores our unconscious feelings and thoughts and the impact our past has on our present behaviour. We need to be aware of our unconscious beliefs and ways we self sabotage and defend in order for real and change growth to occur.

Psychoanalytic therapy is helpful in overcoming depression, emotional struggles /trauma, neurotic behavior patterns, self-destructive behavior patterns, personality disorders, and ongoing relationship issues

*Narrative therapy 

In our lives we have personal experiences that become our stories , we apply meaning to these stories and this meaning forms our identity.

The Narrative Therapy approach empowers the client to make changes in their behaviour and thoughts and take responsibility to "rewrite" the story of their lives that authentically reflect their values, unique strengths and purpose.

Psychology Session

Personal Nutrition

 After thorough research of your health and dietary preferences, I will educate you on the role of carbohydrates, fat and protein play in your body, debunk diet myths, calculate your BMR and include recipes and meal plans to help you eat healthier.

What You Should Know About Confidentiality in Therapy

I will treat what you tell me with great care.  My professional ethics and the law prevent me from telling anyone else what you tell me

unless you give me written permission except in the following situations: 1) when you or other persons are in physical danger; 2) when a child, elderly or disabled person are being abused; 3) when treating a child under the age of 12, parents will be informed; or 4) if the court requires me to testify. 

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