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Wellness in Body, Mind, and Spirit 

Pursuit Counselling and Fitness


My successful journey to mental, spiritual and physical health is my core motivation in helping others do the same. 

Overcoming anxiety, depression and eating disorders fuels my passion in counselling, healthy living and fitness instruction. 

I am currently offering in person, online/telephone and outdoor walk and talk counselling sessions. 

In addition, I offer online fitness classes, personal fitness training, and nutritional coaching as well as Osteofit classes.

Please contact me to discuss how I can support you at this time.


I've been attending the fall prevention classes at the Dorchester for the last year and noticed I am much more supple and my balance has improved. I am very pleased! 


It was a rewarding experience seeing Bobbi for counselling. She makes you feel safe while opening up to being vulnerable because she is so caring and genuine in her approach. I saw her for multiple sessions and would highly recommend her to anyone.


"I started working out with Bobbi just over 6 months ago. I have had difficulties staying consistent with my workouts, it's really helped me to have Bobbi come to my house. When we first began she kept it simple and as we progressed she has made it more interesting, mixing it up. She is also knowledgeable about diet and always encouraging!

I really like working with Bobbi!


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Let’s get well in Body, Mind and Spirit !

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